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· document scanning & imaging
· 3D Scanning Services
· onsite and mobile services
· central facility batch processing
· OCR Optical Character Recognition
· data and text mining
· data recovery & discovery
· document indexing & coding
· bar-coding & form processing
· media conversion services
· large format & oversized scans
· document storage & archiving
· disaster recovery support
· knowledge management
· business process management
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Industries & Case Studies
· Aerospace & Defense
· Financial & Banking
· Law, Legal & Corporate Governance
· Property & Real Estate
· Education & Research
· Logistics & Transportation
· Media & Advertising
· Oil, Gas & Energy
· Government & Institutional
· Telecommunications
· Construction & Engineering
· Retail & Consumer
· Medicine & Healthcare
· Pharmaceutical

· Litigation Support & Legal Discovery
· Transactions, Invoices & Statements
· Property Records & Filings
· Corporate and Board Minutes
· Oilfield Well Logs and Documents
· Historic Design & Technical Drawings
· Document Backup, Disaster Planning
· Reporting Compliance & Tax Filings
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Our Company
· With leading corporate, institutional and government clients, ScanGo services clients large and small...
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Partners Opportunities
· ScanGo Partners with the best Product and Service companies in the document management area. If you are a current document service provider ...
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· From Central Facility Processing in Batches to OnSite and OnLocation engagements, we HAVE SERVICED CLIENTS NATIONWIDE.  From Processing to Sales Support, our national coverage allows us the best processing solution for client needs.
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Contact Us
· BY PHONE: 877-395-0001

· INTERNATIONAL: 303-355-3021



Let our Scanning Experts convert your existing paper files into digital-electronic documents.

For our clients, ranging from industry leaders to government agencies, we have provided both on-location and centralized scanning services utilizing not only state of the art equipment but state of the art processes tailored to each client's needs! Why ScanGo?
  • Credibility: Our clients range from industry leaders to government agencies.

  • Reliable, Cost Efficient and Extremely Affordable

  • Flexible, Offering Local On-location Service & Off-site Central processing

  • Large On Demand Capacity for any size project

  • Quick Turn Around

  • One-time or Scheduled Service

  • No training, expensive equipment service contracts, & equipment headaches.

  • We welcome projects of all sizes - large and small. Call us today 877.395.0001


NEW: 3D Scanning Services : We have been 3D Scanning since 2012.  In 2014 we upgraded our Industrial scanning capacity to 3D Scanners which have a resolution of .005 inch accuracy with 400 samples per inch.  CLICK HERE FOR OUR 3D SCANNING SERVICES

Scanning Capacity: Recent Capacity Case :  For one of the World's Largest companies, we were able to scan and turnaround over 4,500 documents an hour for transmission for immediate overseas coding.  Speed was critical for this customer and ScanGo delivered.

  • 4,500 pages/hour is over 75 documents / minute.

  • or 2 per second! 


Let us deliver for you!  Please let us know of any special requirements or needs for your project.  We will do all we can to make it happen.

Why Scan? Let ScanGo help you with:

  • Reduce Paper Storage while adding ease and convenience of file retrieval.

  • Backup & Disaster Recovery Planning (Digital Duplication)

  • Legal, Regulatory & Corporate Policy Requirements (Sarbanes Oxley, SEC 17a-4, HIPPA)

  • Instructions & Sales Literature Conversion for e-mailing & website inclusion.

  • Ease Collaboration & Workflow Acceleration including eInvoicing.

  • Litigation Support & Trial Preparation & Electronic Indexing for Quick Searching.
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BTA Oil Producers



  ScanGo™ Corporate & Government Services   Priority Request

Large or Small Projects, your ScanGo Representative will find the right solution for you.  Please use our ScanGo Priority Request Form and a ScanGo Representative will promptly contact you.


Service Levels

  • On-Site or Central Facility Processing

  • Scheduled or On-Demand Service

Advanced Services

  • OCR, Indexing & Coding Services

  • Databasing, Searching and Retrieval Services

  • Forms Processing and Bar-coding

  • International Outsource Partnering

  • Media & Format Conversion Services

  • Originals Storage & Online Access

  • Equipment Placement & On Going Support


ScanGo Supplies

  • Pre-Printed ScanGo Forms

  • Pre-Paid ScanGo Mailers

  • ScanGo Workgroup / Office Drop Boxes

Contact Your ScanGo Representative Today

  • Don't trust just anyone with your documents.  Our clients have included companies mentioned in the Wall Street Journal as industry leaders (July 2003) to government agencies.  Let us help with your project, please contact your representative by using the Priority Request form or calling us!

 ScanGo™ Priority Request Form
or Call us at 877-395-0001


Contact Your Representative Today.

Don't trust just anyone with your documents.  Our clients have included companies mentioned in the Wall Street Journal as industry leaders (July 2003) to government agencies.  Let us help with your project, please contact your representative by using the Priority Request form or calling us!

ScanGo™ Priority Request Form

Call us at 877-395-0001

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